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Password Book is a solution to save and organize passwords
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Password Book is a password manager that provides a safe environment to store and organize all your passwords, IDs, login credentials, credit card numbers, and any sort of sensitive information that you want to keep private. The application stores your data using the AES 128-bit algorithm encryption, ensuring that no one has access to your information without your permission. Password Book is a stand-alone application and it also works together with its mobile counterpart allowing you to synchronize you data between your PC and Nokia smartphone.

Using Password Book is easy; when you first launch it you will be asked to enter a PIN, that is a master password that is required every time you run the application. To organize your data the program uses categories: bank account, credit card, mailbox, etc., each one with its corresponding fields to complete, which cover all the basic details. You can add multiple items to each category and edit/delete the existing ones using the toolbar at the top of the screen. For instance, there is a 'mailbox' section where you can store different e-mail accounts with their username and password, POP3 server, etc., a Bank Account category with fields such as account type, bank name, website, and more. You will also find categories to store Network details, software licences, and personal information. The application is somewhat inflexible, though, in the way it arranges data, not giving you the chance to modify or rename categories/fields or organize them your own way.

Next to the main toolbar is a button that allows you to lock the application at any moment. You will notice, however, that the program is automatically locked when it is inactive for about one minute, and to access your data again you need to enter the PIN. This is a handy feature that attempts to maximize security of your data, but there isn't any option to set the lock interval and so you may find yourself unlocking the application over and over again.

In short, Password Book is a good solution to save our private information and keep it organized. I just wish it offered some options to control the program behavior and customize the way it organizes information.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to use
  • Keeps your data organized


  • Not very flexible when it comes to configuration and customization
  • GUI looks a bit dull
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